Fast, simple charting

For professionals who perform I.V.C.S.

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Charting an I.V.C.S case has never been easier

  • checkNo messy, hard-to-read, hand-drawn paper charts
  • checkFlows naturally with the process of performing sedation
  • checkWorks with your existing EMR
  • checkWorks on virtually any tablet or laptop
  • checkFree 30-day trial, only $119 per month after that, cancel anytime
  • checkProduce compliant reports in a familiar format
  • checkContinuous Internet connection not required to complete a case
  • checkNo contaminated paper reports being passed around the office

Created and owned by industry experts

This is a close collaboration between a veteran software developer and a veteran of sedation.

Every aspect of the app has been designed for ease of use and tested rigorously for quality.

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So what does it do?

  • attach_moneySaves time and money. When the case is done so is your chart.
  • picture_as_pdfGenerates a PDF. Attach to your EMR or print it.
  • flash_onAutomates. Automatic BMI, time tracking, and drug interaction checks.
  • assignment_turned_inSafety checklists. Know you didn't forget something important.
  • alarmReminds you to check and enter vitals at required intervals.
  • bar_chartTracks drug totals and waste.
  • sentiment_satisfied_altCalculates dispatch readiness.
  • editLets you edit everything. Records timestamps as you enter data, but everything is still editable in case you forget something.
  • touch_appDigital signatures. Sign the report with your finger.
  • lockStores patient data locally on the device (never on our servers).
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Statement of values

  • checkWe'll always protect patient and doctor privacy.
  • checkSoftware should make a job easier, not harder. If digitizing a process makes it harder, it was a failure.
  • checkSoftware should make you feel like you have super powers. We should let computers do what they're good at: calculations, reports, and tedium so you can focus on caring for patients.
  • checkSoftware should be easy to learn and naturally guide you to completion. It's like a joke, if you have to explain it, it probably isn't very good.
  • checkPatient safety is paramount. We should build tools that help practitioners increase the margin of safety by providing the right information at the right time.
  • checkGimmicks and contracts are for companies that are worried you won’t like their product. Software should be easy to try and easy to quit. We want you to use our product because you love it, not because you signed a contract.
  • checkIt's fundamentally better for users to deliver apps via The Web using Progressive Web App technology. They work on all platforms, they can do the same things, they can work offline, and you don't have to install something just to try it out.