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Paper records in Operatories in the time of Covid-19


Aerosols. If you're like me you've probably heard that word more in the last couple of months than you have your entire career up to this point. But obviously, it’s not new. The oral cavity is inhabited by more than 700 microbial species, including fungi, and yes viruses! 1,2,3

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Trying to get back to normal after COVID


Hey folks, we've reached the end of the 60-day grace period we had in place for COVID.

We hope that not having to pay offered at least a little bit of relief in this stressful time.

Unfortunately, it can't be free forever. Starting Monday, you'll have to have a current subscription and active credit card on file in order to keep using the service.

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AnesthesiaCharting will be FREE during the COVID-19 crisis


Dear customers and friends.

While we all make sense of what's happening with COVID-19, the last thing we want to do is add another thing for you to worry about.

Many of you have practices that are completely unable to operate during this time. We've always said we're on the side of providers because we're providers too.

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Big updates to drug page (plus, infusion pump support!)


We're excited to announce some big improvements to how we handle drugs in the app.

Check out this video walk-through of all the new stuff:

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Dilution of Local Anesthetic


We recently learned that some of our customers like diluting their local anesthetic.

For example, some like to dilute 4% Articaine down to 3% or even 2%.

This probably isn't something most of you will do, but we wanted to add support for this so those that do, can still use our local anesthesia tracker. As it turns out, doing the math in your head gets even harder when introducing dilutions.

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