Next-level moderate sedation tracking

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    Oral or I.V. Sedation? We've got you covered. Shows you just what you need. Produces a beautiful report every time.
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    Pixel-perfect records. No messy, hard-to-read, hand-drawn paper charts. Compliant PDF reports in a familiar-looking format.
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    Auto populate vitals directly from your Criticare or Edan vitals monitor. No more manual entry required, but you still have full control over the data on the final report. This feature requires compatible systems. You can read more about automatic vitals entry here.
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    Works with your existing systems. Use virtually any tablet or laptop to generate reports. The resulting PDF can be attached to your patient record in your existing EMR. Flows naturally with the process of performing sedation.
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    No risk. First, take it for a test-drive anonymously without installing anything. Then, sign up for a 30-day trial to try on real cases (no credit cart required). After that it's $119 per month for unlimited cases. Plus, you can cancel anytime at the push of a button.
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tablet showing anesthesia tracking software

So what does it do?

  • timer
    Saves time. Suggests the most commonly used phrases from your previous cases to make note-taking a breeze.
  • picture_as_pdf
    Generates a PDF. Attach the report to your EMR, print it, or send it.
  • flash_on
    Automates tedious tasks. Automatic BMI, time tracking, and drug interaction checks. Calculates dispatch score using Aldrete or PADS.
  • assignment_turned_in
    Helps you not forget. Checklist format helps you know you didn't forget something important.
  • bar_chart
    Calculates drug totals and waste. Track what you draw up and what you give, we'll handle the math.
  • edit
    Review and edit before finalization. It records timestamps as you enter data, but everything is still editable in case you missed something.
  • touch_app
    Sign it with your finger. When it's all done, sign it quickly and easily with your finger.
  • lock
    Respects everyone's privacy. Patient data is stored locally on the device (never on our servers).
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